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Special guidelines

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Pressbooks and souvenir programs

These are ART Vols. cataloged by book catalogers. Pressbooks were issued by studios to help theater owners promote particular films. Souvenir programs can be for either films or stage productions.


  • Make a 500 note on the nature of the resource.


500 Souvenir booklet from Katharine Cornell's 1947 production of Antony and Cleopatra.

  • Make the appropriate 655, subdividing by century only.
  • Make 6xx's for the names of prominent actors, characters, and the play, depicted. If for a film, also make a 630 for the uniform title of the motion picture, depicted and a 730 for the motion picture.
  • Make a 700 for the original play.
  • Make a 700 name/title added entry for the original play.
  • Make a 7xx for the film or theater company promoting the film or production.



  • Subject headings
    • 63000<Sermon text, if known>, subdivided: ǂv Sermons ǂv Early works to 1800.
    • 650 0<Topic, if there is one>,  subdvided: ǂv Sermons ǂv Early works to 1800.
    • 61020Church of England (or other Christian denomination), subdivided: ǂv Sermons ǂv Early works to 1800.
    • Do not use subject heading: 650 0Sermons, <language>
  • Form terms
    • 655 7Sermons ǂz <country of publication> ǂz <city of publication> ǂy <century of publication> ǂ2 rbgenr 
    • If the place or century the sermon was delivered differs where and when it was published, also add delivered from 655 7Sermons<country of delivery> ǂz <city of delivery> ǂy <century of delivery> ǂ2 rbgenr   


Vault Modern

These are post-1830 materials containing sufficient artifactual value to reside in the vault.


  • Handle them as rare materials, including provisions about not leaving them unattended. (Exception: Shakespeare Collection materials that are accessioned as modern materials need no special handling before cataloging.)
  • Except for new Shakespeare translations, give them copy-specific notes and headings relevant to cataloging rare materials (referred to in-house as "special collections cataloging"). These include:
    • General note identifying artists, illustrators, and printmakers if applicable
    • Copy-specific note: transcription (if feasible) of bookplates, autographs, inscriptions, ms. annotations in the text.
    • Copy-specific note: basic binding description, featuring style, covering material, and approximate age
    • Name added entries for printmakers, illustrators; former owners, signers, inscribers, annotators. Establish non-copy-specific headings in the LC/NACO Authority File if necessary
    • Form/genre added entries
    • If adding a holding to an existing record or doing copy cataloging, look at the whole record to make sure both the fixed and variable fields are accurate.
    • Make sure all copy-specific fields end with ǂ5 DFo
  • Add a 752 for every place name involved in creation, publication, distribution, and manufacture
  • Make an 856 link to any easily-available online facsimiles

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